International Workshop

Conservation action plan for the terrestrial biodiversity
of the Juan Fernández Islands

Priority settings and definitios for a long term strategy



Consensuate, validate and adjust the “Conservation preplan”, setting priorities, conservation targets, actions and long term definitions for the strategy among public officers, the island’s community and national and foreign researchers, scientists and experts.


A strategic plan for terrestrial biodiversity conservation, validated by all relevant actors.

Species prioritization method

The conservation targets, and the prioritization method have to be validated along the workshop, considering all the new records and researchs to improve future prioritization of the conservation targets.

Work Guide

1. Priorities checking and new available data analisis.
2. Actions adjustment, according to actual resources and draft budgeting. Map of the available resources for conservation.
3. Prioritization criteria will not be discussed during the workshop
4. Two main milestones will close the Int´l workshop: a) The Scientific Advisory Committee constitution (El Panel de Expertos para el Archipiélago Juan Fernández); b) a plenary session where the main conclusions of the workshop will be presented.
5. All workshop sessions will be recorded in digital. Each roundtable will have a coordinator assisted by the general manager.
7. The sessions are organized into four groups according to main issues:

1. Flora
2. Fauna
3. Alien species
4. Institutional

Group’s coordinator will make a proposal for each area. At the end of the first day coordinators will meet to discuss the general elements arising in each roundtable, as a result they develop a proposal for transverse elements to be discussed and validated the following day by the attendees.